Hello band! Hello Tour manager!

If you would like to perform at our club please send demos and information to the following address:


No Paseran
- Konzertgruppe -
Lobuschstr. 39

22765 Hamburg


Or send a mail to konzertgruppe@lobusch.org.

We do not pay a set fee, but a fair percentage of the gate. In addition you get free drinks ... beer or non-alcoholic, a meal which can be vegan/vegetarian by request, a warm, dry place to sleep in our house and breakfast the next morning (afternoon ...).

We do the advertising and provide the sound-system. We appreciate your sending us your logo.

Dates: We have concerts with very few exceptions on Friday or Saturday out of consideration for the neighbors.

Questions regarding the backline should be discussed on the telephone when we arrange dates ... it is perhaps interesting to know that our club can accommodate about 200 people.

Our dates are rather quickly filled so please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested.

OK? Then send us your tapes/CDs info and phone number, we'll find a date for the wild party!